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About DRH

You run a successfull business and thrive creating amazing and beautiful places for your clients, but you don't have the time (nor do you enjoy) the administrative part of the business. Purchasing, logistics, tracking costs and the time-drain that comes with social media postings are weighing you down. 


The things that weigh you down are things I actually enjoy.  I have years of experience in purchasing, logistics and tracking costs.  Social media is a new thing that I am working to master.  This is my first homemade - all by myself - website!  I hope you like it.


I am an independent contractor who would love to support your business administrative needs. 


Designer's Right Hand



You have done the hard work on the desgin, selected all the amazing furnishings, and now it is time to purchase.


I have over 25 years of purchasing experience.  I love purchasing! 


Getting those furnishings purchased is only one part of the process.  Tracking the shipments and ensuring they arrive on time, at the right location, in the right condition, is the next step.  In my opinion the purchasing process does not end until the product is delivered successfully to the client.

Budget Tracking

Purchasing isn't just about tracking the product, but also tracking the costs.  I keep detailed records that compare budgeted furnishings costs to actual purchased costs so you know exactly where you stand on a project throughout the entire project (not just at the end).


I can make super cheap websites!!  So happy.


I can also take that 'to do' of posting to instagram, pinterest, FB, etc. off your hands.